Dim Mak Documentary Proves Death Touch is Real!

In this all true Documentary Xie Qing Ping a Dim Mak master demonstrates his death touch live and on camera. First Xie Qing Ping administers the death touch to a Rabbit. After a half and hour of receiving Dim Mak the Rabbit becomes paralyzed. Xie Qi Ping tries to reverse the Dim Mak and save the rabbits life however he is too late and the animal dies. Next Xie Qing Ping applies Dim Mak on a Chicken. After two and a half hours the Chick is paralyzed and unable to even hold it's own head up. This time Xie Qing Ping Successfully reverses Dim Mak and is able to spare the chicken's life. What further prove does one need? Dim Mak is real!