ten secrets of total dim mak

Ten secrets of Dim Mak along with my commentary on each secret. These ten secrets were retrieved  here from an untitled article published on what appears to be a free Angle Fire Website .

1." Dim Mak is NOT Acupuncture.. and Not All Acupuncture Points are Dim Mak Pressure Points."

I agree with this point. However Dim Mak and  it's theories are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medical Theory.

2. "You Must Understand the Theories of Chinese Medicine in Order to Master Pressure Points."

I 100% agree with this statement however the authors also claim there are fundamental difference between acupuncture theories and dim mak theories. I disagree both arts will be based on the same fundamental principles and theories there is not going to exist a special theory pertaining to Yin or Yang, Chi and Blood ect. that only holds true to the practice of Dim Mak and not for the practice of Acupuncture, Tui-Na or any other traditional Chinese Healing Art.

3. "Both Chi and Meridians are Critically Important in Pressure Point Defense."

Yes a true master of Dim Mak must know the corresponding  meridians and organs any given point of attack may affect.

4. "Stomach 36: A Healing and a Dim Mak Point You Can Use Now."

Stomach 36 is an extremely popular and overused acupuncture point in my opinion. Any references or claims to the benefits of Stomach 36 need to properly cited.

5. "The Counterflow Technique."

The counterflow technique is to intentionally reverse or cause Qi to flow in the wrong direction. It has nothing to do with energy Qi is not energy and there is no word in the classical acupuncture texts books referencing energy.

6. "The Midday Midnight Law in Pressure Point Fighting Accidental Injuries to these points are More Common Than a Dim Mak Hit."

According to traditional chinese medical theory there are specific times during the day and night wherein the internal organs of the body are at their strongest and at their weakest. A very rudimentary Dim Mak theory is to attack the Specific Targeted Internal Organ at it's time of Weakness.  

Accidental injuries are far more common than an injury as the direct result of a Dim Mak Hit. There are far more people trying to use the acupuncture points on the body with the intention and purpose to benefit and person's health than to harm it. Accident will  happen, poor diagnosis could be made or a flawed treatment plan are carried out. I have seen patients faint, go into seizures, vomit and cry as a result of a bad acupuncture treatment.

7. "Too Much Force is Counter Productive When Hitting a Dim Mak Pressure Point."

I agree. I have no further comment on this.

8. "You Cannot Ignore the Oriental Concept Yin and Yang in Pressure Point Fighting."

The theory of Yin and Yang underlies the entire practice of traditional chinese healing and fighting arts. This isn't much of a secret.

9. "Consequences of a Dim Mak Hit."

The consequences of Dim Mak will fall back to the fundamental theories of Traditional Chinese Medical Theory such as stopping the flow of Qi and Blood or disrupting the harmony of Yin and Yang.

10." What is Dim Mak and What Is Not."

 This would be difficult to define as the various styles and strategies of Dim Mak are numerous as the styles of martial arts and acupuncture that exist in the world.